You have the passion to become the best rider and trainer you can be. You’re a thinking rider and you love learning and getting to a deeper level of understanding about your sport.

We have the tools, support and community you need to make that happen.

Dressage Breakthrough is the signature course of The Parbery Program – Australian Dressage team representative Brett Parbery’s personal training platform.

With multiple Australian Dressage Championships under his belt, a top-10 world Equestrian Games finish and a lifetime in the saddle, Brett is unmatched when he combines his expertise with his passion and skill as an educator.

If you’d like to learn a training system designed on a foundation of horsemanship, improve your scores, progress through the grades and find ways to enjoy your sport even more than you do now, this is for you. You are already passionate about your sport, now let’s give you the boost you need to take your riding further.

What to expect from Dressage Breakthrough:

Develop a structure for your training at home, so you know what to work on, when, for how long, and how to know when you’re making progress. This is the end to feeling lost when you’re not in a lesson!!

Adding a ‘horse trainer’ job title to your riding, not simply ‘dressage rider’

Working through the aids and training strategies for all the levels

Develop skills to be an independent trainer and rider, so the voice inside your head in the arena is yours, and your can work through challenges and resistances with a clear mind

Put together a strategy for thriving at competitions

Understand how to derive so much more from your lessons and clinics


“Can’t speak highly enough of this program. It is incredibly rich in content and very applicable to any level of training. I have looked at lots of programs and this is the most useful and the best value for money. Go for it!”

— Kate Joel, Australia

“Not only has this met my expectations, it has exceeded them!”

— Tracey Serhan, Australia

Are you excited to get started?



A powerful and proven 7-week course to intensively learn the Parbery training system and empower you to confidently train either with a coach or by yourself.

Each weekly lesson module contains a combination of video, audio and/or workbook plus a live group workshop with Brett.

Module 1: Training Structure

Learn how to create a schedule for your training, and structure for your riding sessions. Configure a plan to progress through the levels. Watch Brett ride a typical warm-up routine.

Module 2: Frame Control

Learn about the different training and competition frames, the importance of adjustability and riding to the individual physical characteristics and behaviours of your horse.

Module 3: Feet Control

Find out the secret to many movements in dressage, and learn the sets of aids to be able to deliberately and accurately place the horses feet (and body) where you need them.

Module 4: Pace Control Part One

This is where the magic happens! Learn the aids for all transitions including ‘energising’ and ‘waiting’ responses, half halts, and how to create expression in your horse.

Module 4: Pace Control Part Two

The Pace Control module goes deeper and more detailed than you’ve ever thought about. It’s split over two modules to allow more time to discuss and absorb ideas.

Module 5: Integration

Learn how to layer all the concepts and aids you’ve learned to execute the movements required in dressage tests. Learn Brett’s suggestions for implementation of your learnings and integration with your own personal system.

Module 6: Rider Effectiveness

Learn how to evaluate and improve your position on the horse no matter your body shape, consider how to create habits to improve mental performance, and get started on a program to move your body to improve your own physical condition.

Module 7: Performance Optimisation

Nailing the training at home at one thing, translating that to a performance in the competition arena is another! In this module you’ll learn test-riding techniques and how to harness your best mindset to ensure each competition is a great experience!

Complete Test-Riding Mini-course Set

Watch Brett ride and comment on every Equestrian Australia / USDF dressage level test Preliminary to Advanced / Training to Fourth Level.

Live Group Coaching and Support

7 x weekly group coaching sessions with Brett Parbery plus 8 weeks unlimited support with Parbery trainer Emma Weinert through the private Facebook group

Extra Bonuses

Watch Brett review his own competition tests, plus learn what he looks for in a young horse, and more.

“What an incredible teacher and person Brett is. So much knowledge. So ethical in his training. Totally open and non judgemental.”

— Karolyn Norton, New Zealand

“They say money can’t buy experience but in this case that’s exactly what it has done for me! The fundamental course allowed me to utilise Brett’s experience to create a more educated way to train; better structure, what takes priority, mistakes to avoid, individual help and the list goes on!! I recommend this course to EVERYONE of ANY level. An absolute worthy investment that is paying off in dividends, to my horses way of going.”

— Brooke, Victoria, Australia

“I’ve really enjoyed doing this course. Particularly as a person who hasn’t had the benefit of “years in the saddle”, I’ve appreciated the way Brett breaks down concepts and makes them interesting and accessible to understand. Dressage can be so complex and technical but I’ve come away from the course clearly understanding the underlying concepts and the ways to implement changes to my riding to achieve the concept of dressage. I’m so glad I invested the time into this course.”

— Kavita, NZ, Australia

“All I can say is that this course was amazing and I didn't realise how much I enjoyed the classroom aspect of learning. Brett has cleverly crafted a system that is logical and makes every step achievable and systematic. Everything comes back to frame, feet and pace. Everything can be broken down and strategies come back to the same basics.”

— Ness, NSW, Australia

“Totally love the program! All the nitty gritty, and small details that most instructors gloss over and I have been missing in my training have been found and my horse and I have come along in leaps and bounds improving our dressage score by nearly 5%! I have a much better understanding of what I've been missing and look forward to continuing to learn more.”

— Fiona, QLD, Australia

“I loved this course. It put effective riding into a much clearer perspective - and definitely lots of gold nuggets. I know that I have a long way to go but this course was worth many many lessons with all its light bulb moments, so many concepts finally making much more sense and then being able to action them more effectively. This course also kept me really engaged. It was minus the 'fluff' and clear and concise in delivering concepts so that I felt that not a minute of my time online time was wasted.”

— Sarah, Australia

“If you want an easy step by step no nonsense road map to training yourself to train your horse, then I highly recommend this course. Nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.”

— Lynn, Australia

“The program has changed my riding so much and my horse and I have a better relationship. The program makes you think and be better in all aspects.”

— Shauleen, Victoria, Australia


Payment in Full (Best Value)


One-time payment

Lifetime course access

  • Upfront payment for lifetime access to the course
  • All Dressage Breakthrough course modules with a combination of tutorial and riding videos, plus recorded workshop video and audio sessions, and workbooks
  • Access to our 7 x live group workshop sessions
  • Complete set of test-riding mini-courses Equestrian Australian / USDF Prelim to Advanced levels
  • Private Facebook study group community for students and graduates
Enrolments currently closed
Payment Plan


9 x weekly payments

Lifetime course access

  • 9 x weekly payments of $109 for lifetime access to the course
  • All Dressage Breakthrough course modules with a combination of tutorial and riding videos, plus recorded workshop video and audio sessions, and workbooks
  • Access to our 7 x live group workshop sessions
  • Complete set of test-riding mini-courses Equestrian Australian / USDF Prelim to Advanced levels
  • Private Facebook study group community for students and graduates
  • Lifetime access to the course
Enrolments currently closed
Risk Free with our 7 day guarantee from course commencement

have more questions?

Have a browse through our most commonly asked questions below.

What level of rider is this program for?

Dressage Breakthrough was designed for Equestrian Australia Preliminary to Advanced level / USDF Training to Fourth level riders, however, we have highly successful FEI riders in the program, as well as many Adult Riding Club riders. The Dressage Breakthrough course is essential knowledge and revision for riders for any level and you’ll learn what you’re ready to learn. Your desire to learn, improve and be supported on your journey is more important than your level.

How much time do I get with Brett?

You’ll love the coaching sessions with Brett!  These are live online group coaching sessions/workshops held on Zoom (don’t worry if you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s super easy).

The schedule for coaching workshops is as follows:

Tuesday 10 August 7pm AEST

Tuesday 17 August 7pm AEST

Tuesday 24 August 7pm AEST

Tuesday 31 August 7pm AEST

Tuesday 7 September 7pm AEST

Tuesday 14 September 7pm AEST

Monday 20 September 7pm AEST

Do I get face-to-face support?

This program is delivered online. You get lots of support! But not in person.

What if my internet is poor quality?

That’s a tricky one! We’re aware that many people who struggle with access to trainers (and need more support) are in rural and regional areas that are more susceptible to having poor quality internet. Unfortunately we don’t have a way around bad internet connections 🙁

Who is in The Parbery Program team?

In The Parbery Program you’ll frequently hear from the core team:

  • Brett Parbery: Co-Founder and Principal Trainer
  • Nat Foxon: Co-Founder and Coordinator
  • Emma Weinert: Program Trainer
  • Cathy Martinez: Program Assistant

What if I find the program just isn't right for me?

Feel free to dive in and try without any risk. We offer a 7-day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee from course commencement (Friday 6 August 2021).

How much time each week will I need to devote to the Program?

The course is structured so you can work through at the recommended pace of one module per week. You can go at your own pace and there’s no rush, as you have lifetime access to the program. You’ll find you’ll want to dip back in as you and your horse progress.

Do I need to have a Facebook account?

Our private study group Community is hosted on Facebook, and to join in on the discussions you’ll need a Facebook account. It’s not essential but it is definitely beneficial.

What if...

If you have any more questions, feel free to email Nat our Program Coordinator, she’ll help you out!

I do (or don't) have a coach, does that matter?

We’d LOVE for you to have access to quality coaching where you are, so if you do – that’s great. If you are looking for a coach, we can try to recommend people for you. The Parbery Program courses dovetail beautifully into an existing lesson/coaching arrangement. Some of you are simply not in an area in which you can easily access coaching. So this is the next best thing!

Am I good enough to work with Brett?

This should probably be at the top because it’s our most commonly asked question! The Dressage Breakthrough course is ideal if you’re competing or want to compete in the coming 12 months. You don’t need to worry about how good or bad you think you are. Everyone is welcome and there’s no judgement around here… we all start somewhere! If you’re not yet at Preliminary level, let us know as we’ll be putting together a program for you in the future.